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When we are faced by a malfunctioning appliance, the first thing that may come to mind is to see whether you can get the repairs done yourself. The reason why most people try this is because they think in so doing, they will actually save on cost. On the contrary, most people only end up adding more cost as they misuse parts and end up damaging their machineries even more. That is the reason why advocate that you always get the service of a professional. They will help you save on costs. Also, you will benefit from their expertise. And, you will end up saving on time and energy. For residents of Lawrenceville, Atlanta Appliance is the expert company helping you repair all types of appliances and different appliance models.

What Makes Us the Best Appliance Repair Company in Lawrenceville?


We are a very reputable company. This is based on the quality of our appliance repair services. You can get this from the testimonials on our website. We have managed to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction in all the clients that we work with.


We have successfully completed many appliance repair projects. In so doing, we have gained vast knowledge on how to handle different clients and how to deal with each appliance issue. It is for this reason that we are able to continually achieve excellence in our projects.

Service Reliability

Our services are very reliable. We have multiple locations. Therefore, you will easily locate our offices near you. Additionally, we ensure that the highest- quality parts are used in the repair projects. The reason for this is to ensure that you get great value in the service you paid for.

To get our appliance repair services in Lawrenceville, contact us using the phone numbers 770-640-1506 or 678-407-0820 and we will help you book an appointment.