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The best choice for Refrigerator Repair in Atlanta GA

Trying to repair appliances yourself can be very stressful. Not only that, it can also lead to more issue in your appliances. Particularly, if you are not well trained in repairing of refrigerators. This would only lead to you incurring more costs in the long run. Therefore, if you are experiencing problems with your appliances, it is important that you seek the service of a professional refrigerator repair company. In Atlanta, GA, Atlanta Appliance is the expert repair service company. We deal in the repair of all types of issues from ice maker repair, freezer not cooling, double door, french door and more. In addition, we are equipped to deal with every other appliance brand in the market.

Why we are the Best Appliance Repair Company in Atlanta, GA

When you are looking for an appliance repair company, you have to put the cost into consideration. The repair cost need to be such that it reflects the value of the service offered. Also, it should be such that you do not have to bend and break your back to get the repairs. Our company offers you reasonable price rates in the market. Additionally, we give you a free cost estimate so that you do not have to worry about being victim to hidden costs.


We are a company near you. You do not have to cross borders to reach us. We have multiple location. Therefore, you will always find an office of ours near you. Additionally we have our customer service numbers which you can use to schedule an appointment instead of coming all the way to our offices. Our customer service agents will be more than willing to help you. Contact is using the phone numbers 770-640-1506 or 678-407-0820.